OSM v3.39.3
Share   astrient - Monday October 12, 2009 22:50 UTC - http://hostj2me.com/a/79f

Access all of your files from your phone.

OSM is a mobile client for your HostJ2ME.com account. You can use it to:

1) Upload files from your phone to HostJ2ME.com
2) Browse files in your HostJ2ME.com account
3) Browse shared files from other people on HostJ2ME.com
4) Search HostJ2ME.com and the web for media
5) Upload photos from your phone's camera

This is the beta version. The client is still in development. You are welcome to download and try it out.

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Total Accounts: 83,014
Total Applications: 6,479
Total Files: 181,916
Total Downloads: 6,173,072
Total Stored: 13.29GB
by ashishi
by ashishi
by ashishi
Caccia al Quadro
by mikesac
Naija Lyrics Wiki - ME
by trinisoftinc
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