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For 2012, we are focusing on the Android™ platform. We will continue to support our J2ME tools and welcome all new J2ME developers.

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Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
Is there such a thing as a tree octopus? Or a giant camel spider?
Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
AT&T Offers New Promotional Mobile Share Value Plans that are Double the Data for Same Price on Plans 15 to 50GB
Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
AT&T confirmed it will add the Samsung Gear® S to its leading portfolio of devices and wearables in the fall of 2014.
Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
AT&T recently launched two GoPhone Wireless Home Phone & Internet plans for customers who want to take advantage of AT&T’s outstanding network at home or on the go.
Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
You can check out the Samsung Gear S starting Friday, Sept. 26 in 125 AT&T retail stores across the U.S.
Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
Unless you’re living in tropics, it’s time to put away the flip-flops and beach towel!
Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
AT&T1 and LG announced today that the LG G3 Vigor will be available for purchase on Sept. 26 for zero down and a $100 bill credit with a new line of service on AT&T Next.2
Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
AT&T1 and Samsung today announced that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™ will be available starting Sept. 26 exclusively online at, AT&T’s fastest way to order, and in AT&T retail stores.