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For 2012, we are focusing on the Android™ platform. We will continue to support our J2ME tools and welcome all new J2ME developers.

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Monday Mar 30, 2015
Temperatures are rising; tornado season is approaching. It’s time to take care of your phone – in case of emergency.
Monday Mar 30, 2015
Starting on March 27, you can order the HTC One® M9 from AT&T1 on or at AT&T retail locations. The HTC One M9 will ship the same day if the order is received by 1:00 p.m. CT. The smartphone will be available in AT&T retail stores nationwide starting Friday, April 10.
Monday Mar 30, 2015
Starting on March 27, you can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S® 6 and Galaxy S® 6 edge from AT&T1 on and AT&T retail locations.
Monday Mar 30, 2015
Working Every Day to Make Connected Car Driving Safer, More Secure and More Convenient for Passengers.
Monday Mar 30, 2015
Hear More About the Benefits for Consumers
Monday Mar 30, 2015
You'll Need More Than Sunscreen to Have an Awesome Spring Break
Monday Mar 30, 2015
Samsung’s Compact Smartphone to Join the Network with the Nation’s Strongest LTE Signal for $0 on AT&T Next
Monday Mar 30, 2015
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