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First, have you ever used the class on a mobile phone (I dont mean
emulator, I mean real phone). The problem is I used HttpConnection Interface with
InputStream and It works fine on the emulator but after downloading it, When I get to the
point of connecting with the server I get this error on my phone (Service Not Available).
I guess this prob is from my phone because the reply is too spontaneous to be from the
server, besides it is displayed like my phone's default error message.

Second, I am able to download the app on my LG g7100 but not so with Nokia, I was able
to download other java apps on the nokia but if I want to download my app it asks me to select
folder (But it download other apps straight to the collections folder without asking) and
whatever folder I specify, I get file not supported error. The problem I guess is bcos I
was not able to download to the collections folder on the phone.

Please I will be grateful if you can help me out
04/01/07 10:38 AM
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