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Is there a way to upload the jad and jar using ftp client as opposed to web http browser way..

If yes, could you pl. ftp login and host details pl.

Raja Nagendra Kumar,
18/12/06 9:38 AM


A FTP upload component sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately it is not supported at this time. The codebase is frozen at the moment. We will consider this feature for the next version of, the Unified Mobile Services Platform (UMSP), which is slated to begin development in January.

Looking forward a bit, I envision the Apache FTPLet API code be utilized in the UMSP/HostJ2me codebase to implement a FTP server that allows easy application creates and uploads. I will have to investigate this a bit more.

You can find out more about the UMPS schedule and availability at

18/12/06 5:37 PM
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