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This is the place to discuss the application and service. 15/10/06 8:19 PM

One idea is to export the download counter in order to insert in in another web site

20/12/06 6:15 PM

Is the something along the lines of a REST xml interface? i.e.

<name>app 1</name>

Or maybe something simpler like passing the app details through JavaScript?
22/12/06 9:53 PM

The simpler solution, via Javascript, could be ok.
In my opinion, the best one is an http link (eg. giving back an image saying "Hostj2me downloads: XYZ".

29/12/06 8:41 PM

I added a JSP that will return application details via a JavaScript object.

The name of the JSP in appinfo.js.html. You can included the results in your web page by using as the SRC of a JavaScript tag.


Please view the src of

for an example.
24/01/07 11:05 PM
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